Why films also play a role for your product.


Every film begins with an idea. Whether it's a 3-second social media movie or a 10-minute explanatory film for your website. Based on the film idea the shooting is planned. Down to the smallest detail. You benefit from our expertise, because a lot of experience and a good film concept avoid unnecessary costs in the further course of the project. As soon as the concept is finished and approved by all parties the shooting starts.


After the successful completion of the shooting, we start to select, cut and mix the material. That's how we breathe life into your film. Image, sound, colours, music and effects come together to create content and character.


With a corporate video you can show attitude. For example, is your company regional, sustainable or of particularly high quality? An image film emphasizes the core of your brand identity. It conveys an authentic image to its viewers and improves the external perception of your company.


Nothing sells your product as effectively as real emotions. And that is exactly the goal of a good commercial. To touch in a few seconds and make clear why your brand is the very best. A tragic hero, a spectacular turning point or simply a laugh in the right place. All effective means to boost your sales.

Explanatory film

Services and products are becoming increasingly complex. Explanatory films therefore play an important role, especially in internal corporate communication or in the B2B sector. With informative and entertaining videos, even dry content can be told fluently. This often answers questions before they even arise.

2D & 3D - Animation

Animations are a great way to bring corporate elements, such as your logo, to life in movies. However, much more is also possible. Compared to a real film, there are almost no limits to your imagination when animating. There is almost nothing that does not exist. If you can imagine it, we can animate it.