Corporate Identity

Assuming your brand is a person. How would it look, speak, think and act?

Corporate Design

The corporate design is the face of your company. A way to carry the identity of your brand to the outside world. We design an authentic visual appearance that illustrates the character of your company. Basic elements such as logo, colour scheme, visual language and business equipment are defined and harmonized by the corporate design.


The logo is the literal trademark of your company. The basic visual element that makes it unmistakable and immediately evokes associations. On request, we create a concise logo for you, based on the individual communication strategy of your brand. However, redesigning an existing logo is also no problem.

Corporate Wording

Another basic building block of your brand identity is the language climate. The way in which your brand is expressed. Style, choice of words, tonality, address: the language climate makes it clear why potential customers should choose your company. Language is one of the most powerful means of communicating the identity of your brand.

Visual language

How your company is perceived depends to a considerable extent on how it looks. All visual information emanating from your brand should be meaningful and relevant. That is why professional visual material is of enormous importance. We formulate a visual concept and take care of photos and films. We then edit the material so that it fits your brand perfectly.