Web Development

The future of your brand? It's already in development.

Development Concept

In the age of mobile internet, smart phones and big data, applications that react to their users at lightning speed are indispensable. We develop agile software and ensure that it remains agile at all times. With a network of experts from every field, we will find the perfect solution for your company. Thanks to Scrum and modern project management you are always close to the development process of your website.


Our frontend development aims at the perfect user experience. We create animated, lively interfaces with clear structures and full-responsive web designs. We also include Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Single Page Applications (SPA) in our repertoire. Depending on the project requirements, we rely not only on classic vanilla solutions but also on common front-end frameworks such as jQuery, VueJs or Twitter Bootstrap.


Whether data processing or interface connections to external services - we develop customized solutions that grow with your company. We implement our backends with the languages PHP and JavaScript. Based on docker container technology, the focus here is on the PHP framework Symfony. We adapt the technology stack to the requirements of our projects.


Wherever possible, we automate processes. For example, for data movements, approvals, reporting, monitoring or testing - we find the best way to make your digital business processes as simple as possible.


We mainly work with the Linux distributions Debian, Ubuntu and Alpine. To ensure flexibility, we deploy our applications in Docker containers, which we run on single nodes, or via Docker Swarm on multiple nodes. For the provisioning of IT infrastructures, we rely on Ansible.

Website analysis

To make sure you know exactly who is looking at your site, we implement the most modern tracking methods. Thanks to analysis tools like Matomo/Piwik as a self-hosted solution or the market leader Google Analytics you have full control over all data. For special key figures we configure custom dashboards with Grafana or Kibana. In this way, you get to know your target group better and better and you can design your communication more effectively.

Webhosting & Co.

Provider, domain, web host. Already taken care of everything or never heard of it? Both no problem. Your new website can be rebuilt on an existing domain with your established provider. However, we can also take care of a handy domain and an excellent provider, if you like. And in your name. So that you always have control over your website - even if we go our separate ways.

Website maintenance

The software we use to build your website is updated regularly. For example, through security updates that prevent hacker attacks. That's why software maintenance is so important. You can leave the technical updates of WordPress, themes and plugins to us. We leave the interval to you.

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