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Headlines & Slogans

The perfect headline is the supreme discipline of writing. The same applies to slogans. Both have to compress a lot of content and convince in a very short time. This is best achieved with a portion of creativity and a targeted language style. Subtleties, for example the word order, can be enough to create measurable psychological effects on the reader. Language is extremely effective in advertising. Most successful campaigns are based on a single headline.

long copy

Copywriting is the writing of content that encourages readers to take certain actions. The texts are aimed at placing an advertising message and convincing readers of a product, service or company. Ultimately, copywriting is a form of persuasion. Long Copy is used for example on websites, on flyers or in business letters.

social media texte

The Internet has long been a fundamental part of our lives and yet it is a world of its own with its own laws. This is particularly evident in the social media. While the right comment at the right time goes viral, a wrong word at the wrong time is enough to trigger a shitstorm. If you want to be successful on social media, you have to speak the language of the Internet.


Good advertising measures, no matter in which form, live on a good story. And a good story needs a good narrative. This is how you create emotional added value. Whether it's the interplay of headline and copy, a script for a clever spot on the radio, or the screenplay for a stirring commercial in the cinema - in any case, the storytelling has to be right.


SEO writing is about much more than just putting powerful keywords in texts. It is also not really about seeing through an algorithm. What really improves the visibility of your brand is useful content that is shared by your target audience online. The potential to be found by search engines multiplies only by redirecting and linking to your website .