Consulting & Concept

Second opinion wanted? You can get it firsthand here. And from 20 years of experience.


With more than 20 years of experience in the world of media communication, we are at your side for all questions concerning your brand. We advise you independently, practically and future-oriented.

Brand Concept

Our goal is to achieve your goal. That is why we design a tailor-made communication strategy for the individual needs of your company. This helps us to communicate more effectively with your customers. At the same time it serves as a kind of checklist for all future communication measures of your company.


No successful communication strategy without detailed analysis: Where do the qualities of your company lie and where are those of your competitors? Which contents concern your target group? When and where is it active? We ask ourselves such questions and many more to find out everything about your brand and then emphasize all its strengths.


Your brand has a unique selling point. Something special that distinguishes it from its competitors and makes it unique. We help you to highlight this feature and establish an expressive positioning. In this way we increase the conciseness, trustworthiness and attractiveness of your brand.

Targeting & retargeting

Thanks to state-of-the-art tracking methods, it is possible to precisely track the online behaviour of your customers and potential new customers. The more we know about your target group, the better we can address them. This is why we create measurable structures on all digital communication channels. This is how we find out what your target group is interested in and how we address them perfectly.